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Conquering Storage Woes: The Image Hopper Way

Learn how Image Hopper can keep your web hosting costs under control when uploading images with Gravity Forms and WordPress.

Let’s talk about how Image Hopper can help keep your web hosting costs down thanks to its automatic image resize feature.

Meet Sarah: she’s the owner of a digital marketing agency, specializing in branding and promotions1. Sarah relies on Gravity Forms, so her users can easily upload images used in the various digital ad campaigns and designs her agency creates. As Sarah’s business rapidly grows, so does the volume of images stored on her website.

Sarah soon found herself facing a problem: her managed WP hosting plan offered a finite amount of storage, and the surge of high-resolution images being uploaded was quickly hitting her quota. Like many managed WP hosting plans, Sarah also had a bandwidth limit on her plan. Uploading and downloading 10MB+ images regularly was eating up this cap.

Enter Image Hopper, the hero of this story. Thanks to Image Hopper’s image scaling feature, those 10MB images can be downscaled to a size closer to 1MB. This process is automatic and occurs in the user’s browser, before even being uploaded to the web host. That means faster upload times for users, and reduced storage and bandwidth for Sarah. Plus, Sarah didn’t need to upgrade her hosting plan prematurely, and saved herself $345USD annually2.

To optimize images already stored on the server, Sarah used the free EWWW Image Optimizer plugin at an off-peak time to crunch all files in the upload directory.

With her immediate issue resolved, Sarah started exploring what else Image Hopper had to offer. She found more features to love in the image editor – like annotation and photo filters. And discovered Image Hopper integrates seamlessly with other popular Gravity Forms add-ons.

By optimizing client-uploaded images with Image Hopper, and leveraging its advanced editing features, Sarah could now provide her clients a seamless user experience, while keeping her web hosting costs down.

  1. This is a fictional case study inspired by a true story. ↩︎
  2. Savings are calculated based on the cost of upgrading WP Engine’s WordPress Hosting from Professional tier to Growth tier (paid annually), minus the cost of a Image Hopper + Editor license. WP Engine was selected for this fictional case study because it’s a popular managed WordPress hosting provider. The prices shown were accurate at the time of publication. ↩︎