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See how easy Image Hopper is for users by testing out the live demo.
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Images are a staple of the modern-web, and for good reason too. The right imagery creates engagement, sparks imagination and is memorable. If you rely on user-generated images, empowering your users with the best tools when they need it most will deliver better results and save time. This is what Image Hopper excels at.


Image Hopper is the perfect way to allow users to upload, save, and edit images when they fill out your Gravity Forms.

Powerful Image Editing

A beautiful, intuitive image editor is at your fingertips, allowing cropping, resizing, annotating, color adjustment, or photo filters. Individually toggle on editing features for even greater control.

Superb UX

The entire image upload experience is smooth as butter! Select individual images or folders, drag and drop from other websites, or paste in screenshots, then enjoy the live on-screen preview.

Image Optimization

Images can be automatically resized right in the browser before ever being uploaded to your server. This means faster upload speeds and reduced disk space usage.

Mobile Smarts

The Image Hopper automatically scales to any device size your users can throw at it. Plus, you’ll never have a sideways image again thanks to the automated EXIF orientation processing.

Multi-Image Upload

You aren’t limited to a single file upload per Image Hopper; your users can include as many as they need. You can set a maximum image limit and file size limit.


The Image Hopper field is keyboard accessible and assistive technologies like VoiceOver, JAWS, and NVDA are fully supported.

Posts / CPTs

With the Post Image Hopper field, you can automatically include images in your Posts and set it as a Featured Image. Use the Gravity Forms + Custom Post type add-on to integrate with Custom Post Types (CPTs).

Media Library

Add standard or Post Image Hopper images to the Media Library automatically using Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation add-on, or Gravity Wiz’ Media Library perk.

Reorder Images

You or your users can drag and drop images to change the order they are presented. Alternatively, tab to an image in the Hopper and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to reorder.

Automatic Cropping

Automatically crop and resize images to the dimensions set. If images are too small, you can choose to upscaled or you can stop small images altogether.

Minimum Image Sizes

Prevent users uploading images smaller than a specific size. You can also allow small images to be upload but show a low resolution warning message.

User Avatars

Combine Gravity Forms User Registration add-on with WordPress avatar plugins like Simple Local Avatars or WP User Avatars to easily add and update avatars using the power of Image Hopper.

Easy Migration

Got forms already using a Multi File Upload or Post Image field? One click and you can easily convert them to Image Hopper (zero data loss for existing entries).


Image Hopper officially supports English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (Simple), Russian, and Hebrew right out of the box. Plus, it’s easy to create your own translations.

iOS HEIC Support

HEIC images that are used on Apple iOS11+ are automatically converted to JPEG images for a seamless upload and editing experience.

Deep Integration with the
Gravity Forms Ecosystem

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Image Hopper requires WordPress and Gravity Forms.
All prices are in USD.



100 Sites

Advanced Image Editor

Priority Support

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Uploads

WordPress Multisite

Get updates for life
One Time Payment

Receive lifetime updates and
4 years of support
for $999.

Five Sites


5 Sites

Advanced Image Editor

Standard Support

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Uploads

WordPress Multisite

Get updates for life
One Time Payment

Receive lifetime updates and
4 years of support
for $750.

Single Site


1 Site

Advanced Image Editor

Standard Support

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Uploads

WordPress Multisite

Get updates for life
One Time Payment

Receive lifetime updates and
4 years of support
for $359.

Don’t need the advanced image editor? Purchase Image Hopper for $49.
Pay by Visa
Pay by Mastercard
Pay by American Express
Pay by PayPal

Image Hopper updates and support are only provided for the duration of the annual subscription period. Subscriptions automatically renew annually at the regular retail price.
You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Got a pre-sale question? Get in touch.

Image Hopper is a Gravity Forms Certified Add-on

Image Hopper was built by the creators of

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What is the advanced image editor?
It’s an add-on for Image Hopper which provides the end user a multitude of features to adjust how the image looks. There are controls for cropping, resizing, or annotating images directly in the browser. Users can also apply color adjustments or photo filters to the images. 

What’s the difference between the $49 and $99 versions of Image Hopper?
For $49 you get everything listed in our core documentation (automatic scaling/cropping, quality control, reordering, post integration), minus the advanced image editor features.

What file types are supported?
These common image formats are supported: jpg/jpeg, gif, png, bmp, webp (WP5.8+), and heic (converts to jpeg). To accept other file types use the standard File Upload field provided by Gravity Forms.

What add-ons is Image Hopper compatible with?
We aim to fully support all official Gravity Forms add-ons, as well as Gravity PDF, Gravity Flow, GravityView, WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product add-on, and Gravity Perks Nested Forms.

Is this a replacement for the Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms plugin?
Yes! The Slim plugin has been discontinued by the original author and we have built Image Hopper as its successor.

I have a multisite installation. Which license do I need?
The Ultimate license support WordPress Multisite websites.

Do you offer a license for more than 100 sites?
No. If you reach your site limit and would like to use the plugin on a new website you will need to purchase another license.

If I purchase a Lifetime License what happens after 4 years when the support period ends?
If you require support after 4 years, you can purchase a special 12-month support package. You will continue to receive software updates for the lifetime of the product.

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