Image Hopper is the perfect way to allow users to upload, save, and edit images when they fill out your Gravity Forms.

Powerful Image Editing

A beautiful, intuitive image editor is at your fingertips, allowing cropping, resizing, annotating, color adjustment, or photo filters. Individually toggle on editing features for even greater control.

Superb UX

The entire image upload experience is smooth as butter! Select individual images or folders, drag and drop from other websites, or paste in screenshots, then enjoy the live on-screen preview.

Image Optimization

Images can be automatically resized right in the browser before ever being uploaded to your server. This means faster upload speeds and greatly reduced disk space usage.

Mobile Smarts

The Image Hopper automatically scales to any device size your users can throw at it. Plus, you’ll never have a sideways image again thanks to the automated EXIF orientation processing.

Multi-Image Upload

You aren’t limited to a single file upload per Image Hopper; your users can include as many as they need. You can set a maximum image limit and file size limit.


The Image Hopper field is keyboard accessible and assistive technologies like VoiceOver, JAWS, and NVDA are fully supported.

Posts / CPTs

With the Post Image Hopper field, you can automatically include images in your Posts and set it as a Featured Image. Use the Gravity Forms + Custom Post type add-on to integrate with Custom Post Types (CPTs)

Media Library

Add standard or Post Image Hopper images to the Media Library automatically using Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation add-on, or Gravity Wiz’ Media Library perk.

Deep Integration with the
Gravity Forms Ecosystem

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Image Hopper requires WordPress and Gravity Forms.
All prices are in USD.



100 Sites

Advanced Image Editor

Priority Support

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Uploads

WordPress Multisite

Five Sites


5 Sites

Advanced Image Editor

Standard Support

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Uploads

WordPress Multisite

Single Site


1 Site

Advanced Image Editor

Standard Support

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Uploads

WordPress Multisite

Don’t need the advanced image editor? Purchase Image Hopper for $49.

Image Hopper updates and support are provided only for the duration of your subscription period. Subscriptions automatically renew annually at the retail price.
You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Got a pre-sale question? Get in touch.

Gravity Forms Certified Developers Program

Image Hopper was built by the creators of

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Profile picture of Zack Kats, Founder of GravityView.

Zack Katz
Founder of GravityView

“Image Hopper is an impressive plugin for image management in Gravity Forms. The easy image resizing functionality alone is a huge win, the UI is beautiful and intuitive, and it’s so nice not needing to configure Gravity Forms File Upload field to work specifically with images. Image Hopper is a huge…leap…forward!”

Cannon Utility Underground Services

“Image Hopper is an invaluable tool for our project. It has simplified our image collection and editing process while accelerating deliverables to our customer saving time and money. This tool is so simple to use and a must have for anyone that needs image handling using Gravity Forms. Special thanks to Jake and his support team for responsive custom support – Our project would not have been a success without the Image Hopper team.”


What file types are supported?
The three common image formats: jpg/jpeg, gif, and png. To accept other file types use the standard File Upload field provided by Gravity Forms.

What add-ons is Image Hopper compatible with?
We aim to fully support all official Gravity Forms add-ons, as well as Gravity PDF, Gravity Flow, GravityView, WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product add-on, and Gravity Perks Nested Forms.

Is this a replacement for the Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms plugin?
Yes! The Slim plugin has been discontinued by the original author and Image Hopper has been built as its successor.

I have a multisite installation. Which license do I need?
The Ultimate license support WordPress Multisite websites.

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